Petitioner says judge oversight panel violates separation of powers law, must go

John Gentry testifies that the board of judicial conduct is unconstittional and should be disbanded as a violation of the separation of powers under the Tennessee constitution. The agenies are “criminals protecting criminals.” (YouTube)

The following is a report from John Gentry, who represents the people single-handedly in Nashville in a remonstrance against the judicial / legal cartel that has seized the state and used the police powers to its own advantage. Mr. Gentry, a CPA and former U.S. Marine, lives in Goodlettsville and is facing an entrenched system that effectively ignores plain-speaking constitutional provisions and laws. His effort is heroic and only the second remonstrance in Tennessee history since its founding in 1796.

By John Gentry

It is now admitted by members of the state senate and the state house of representaives that there is a problem of corrupt judges, and that all the members have received complaints from the public regarding judicial corruption.  It is admitted the TBJC has failed to function as intended. During meetings with various members of both houses, several members have agreed with me that our judiciary is corrupted.

The circumstance of corrupted judicial officials is not limited to just a few bad actor judges.  For judicial corruption to occur, it is common sense reasoning that not only has judicial oversight by the TBJC failed, but also the oversight of our appellate and supreme courts has failed too.

Assuming there are still some good sitting judges, they have remained silent about the misconduct of their colleagues, and in their silence, they perpetuate judicial misconduct causing great harm to the citizens of this state and to our republic, just as have the perpetrators.

If somehow members of the bodies accept the failed argument that members of the TBJC who are judges are not in violation of separation of powers stated in Tenn. Const. Art II, these judges are most certainly holding a second office of trust in violation of Tenn. Const. Art. VI, § 7.  

This agency cannot remain in existence as it is unlawful. See the definitions for “OFFICE OF TRUST.”

I have petitioned both houses in remonstrance, and demanded reasonable reforms that will begin to restore justice to our courts and re-secure the blessings of liberty and justice.  My petition remains ignored in both houses in oppression and injury of numerous constitutionally protected rights.  How many more must suffer the tyranny of our courts before these houses take reasonable and necessary action?

In summary of my demand of reforms (see pg. 64 of Remonstrance):

  • Impeachment of those found guilty of crimes committed while in office;
  • Drug testing of judges & attorneys;
  • Live stream and recorded court proceedings must be made available to the public;
    • In chamber and closed-door court proceedings must be statutorily prohibited
    • Courts must be statutorily prohibited from requiring “permission” to audio/visual record proceedings
  • Tennessee court of appeals should not conceal the record from public access;
  • Litigants must be advised of their right of due process;
  • Unconstitutional statutes granting emolument, providing false immunities, and usurping rights are void;
  • Oversight of the judiciary must be restored to the house;
  • Licensure of attorneys must be restored to the legislature & tenn. bd. of prof. resp. abolished;
  • The tennessee code commission must be abolished;
  • Performance measurements of judges must be put in place;
  • Personal redress of grievance demanded.

My right to make the above demands is enumerated in Tenn. Const. Art. I, §1.  Embrace these reforms demanded and our state, indeed our nation, will commence a great healing.

Any judicial oversight agency comprised of members of the judiciary violates the Ineligibility Clause of our state constitution.  The below supporting authorities are clear in this regard. Any judicial oversight agency comprised of attorneys is preposterous. Judicial oversight must be returned the houses according to the intent of the framers and ratification of our state constitution.

NOTICE OF INTENT: I hereby give notice of my intent to challenge in the supreme courts of our state and nation any extension and or reconstitution of any judicial oversight agency comprised of members of the judiciary pursuant to the ineligibility clause, Tenn. Const. Art. VI, § 7, and separation of powers doctrine, Tenn. Const. Art II.

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