Jackson, facing new arrest, avers private use of road in affidavit

Keelah Jackson, visiting the sessions court clerk’s office in Hamilton County, Tenn., is a victim of triple-rolled injustices by the white political legal establishment, the center one being a denial of her right of free communication by means of personal and private travel by car. (Photo David Tulis)

Keelah Jackson is a private person who is struggling to get out from under administrative state claims in Tennessee that are effectively a civil death sentence upon her. She has unpaid fines and fees that caused Tennessee to suspend her driver license.

She is relying on transportation administrative notice and a clear understanding of her God-given, constitutionally guaranteed immunities, of her unalienable and inherent rights, to get her through false claims against her liberty. Sessions judge Judge Sherry Paty rejected a petition that insisted on her right to travel. That right is denied as policy by Tennessee’s lawyer and judicial combine (aka white legal political establishment).

The following is Miss Jackson’s unrebutted claim to using the public roads privately, a document that will serve her in any new prosecution against her for exercising her right to travel, even though her license to drive has been suspended. Her claim– in the event she is accused of “driving on suspended” — is that she is not driving or operating at all.

She is traveling for private purposes, not for profit and gain, not commercially, but exercising her constitutional rights, fulfilling personal necessities, following her own private business interests on the public right of way, not subject to any exercise of police power in an innocent, harmless and nonpublic activity. Such is the proper defense of innocent people, harassed and eaten out by America’s ill-intentioned and feckless police state.

Affidavit of Keelah Jackson

On status as private person, acting under personal necessity

  1. I, Keelah Jackson, being of sound mind and body, testify that I am a resident of Hamilton County, Tenn.
  2. At no time have I operated in a commercial capacity on the roads of Tennessee, nor any other state, nor driven or operated a motor vehicle carrying people or goods for hire.
  3. On the date of my encounter with the City of Chattanooga police officer, I was in a car for private purposes, private necessity and personal/family duties, and the exercise of my various constitutional rights, and I deny any presumption that I was operating in commercial, profit-seeking or for-hire capacity.
  4. Further affiant saith not.
  5. I swear the above and foregoing representations are true and correct to the best of my information, knowledge and belief. [Keelah Jackson]

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