Gentry filing petition for remonstrance targeting lawyer takeover of TN

John Gentry of Goodlettsville, Tenn., is filing a petition of remonstrance with the general assembly highlighting its capture by attorneys and judges working as a unified guild against the rights of the people. (Photo courtesy NoogaRadio 92.7)

John Gentry of Goodlettsville, Tenn., put final touches on legal documents this morning and says he plans to submit a remonstrance to the Tennessee general assembly today.

The petition for remonstrance is the first in Tennessee since 1850 and Gov. William Carroll administration. 

It is a redress of grievances against what Mr. Gentry, a CPA and former Marine, says are problems unfixable by appeals through the courts or regular politicking. A main problem is special privileges and favors put into the law favoring lawyers in the general assembly and eliminating due process rights for the people in many venues, especially in criminal courts and in family and juvenile courts.

Mr. Gentry demands impeachment of bad judges, abolition of the codes commission and closure of a judicial review panel. The remonstrance is 95 pages with appendices nearing 700 pages.

Paragraphs submitted from Chattanooga for inclusion did not make Mr. Gentry’s cut, but he says are included in his demand for a review of the entire Tennessee Code Annotated from what he says are manipulation of the code and abuse of legislative intent by the Tennessee codes commission.

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