Toney attorney demands firing of violent deputy

Attorney Lee Merritt talks with the press downtown today about the beating of Charles “Interstate Tax“ Toney on Dec. 3, demanding the resignation of sheriff’s deputy Blake Kilpatrick, a detective who pummeled him badly but remains on desk duty. The deputy should be fired, Mr. Merritt says. (Photo on FB)

The Hamilton County sheriff’s department is offering to explain this afternoon why a nurse at the jail gave Charles Toney a cursory glance and said he was OK after he was booked following a severe beating.

Meanwhile, Mr. Toney’s high-powered civil rights attorney, Lee Merritt, held a press conference at the county justice building to demand the firing of Deputy Blake Kilpatrick.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7

Here’s Sheriff Hammond’s statement, pursuant the department’s PR manager Matt Lea, explaining why the sheriff in a press conference Monday made slight work of Mr. Toney’s serious injuries.

“Sheriff Hammond’s prior comments at the press conference on Monday, December 10th regarding Mr. Toney’s health status were based on information contained in the Medical Intake Report completed at the time of Mr. Toney’s booking by Erlanger Medical personnel.

“Mr. Toney was seen by Erlanger Medical Staff at the Hamilton County Jail on December 3, 2018 at 12:04 pm. The medical intake report completed for Mr. Toney does not reflect a broken finger, a collapsed lung, broken ribs, or a broken nose.

“Mr. Toney and his attorney may contact the HCSO and request his Medical Intake Report to be released. Approving the release of this report should not be an issue as Mr. Toney and his attorney have already released information regarding his personal medical condition.

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“While the HCSO cannot address any specific medical reports given to the local media by Mr. Toney or his counsel, the HCSO can confirm our medical records, completed by Erlanger Medical Staff contractually working in our jail at the time of his booking, do not reflect any of the injuries aforementioned by Mr. Toney or his legal counsel.”

Collateral damage of policing

Mr. Toney’s dad, Charles Toney, attended the press conference in the county justice building on Market Street, saying was beaten by Chattanooga police department while handcuffed in  Nov. 3, 2009 “and I still have medical issues today,” he said. He said he is saddened and “outraged” by deputies’s roughing up his son. In a phone interview with 92.7 NoogaRadio, he said he was pistol whipped by one of several Chattanooga police officers in his house.

Muslim leader Kevin Muhammad said the city has has a culture of violence and “a good ole boy system“ and blasted district attorney Neal Pinkston for appearing to take hands-off to an investigation of the sheriff’s department and referring the matter to the federal justice department in Washington. Mr. Pinkston “can’t just turn this over to the justice department. He has to do his job here locally and bring up charges” against Detective Kilpatrick.

“If it were a black man who beat a police officer, neither the sheriff, nor the police chief nor the district attorney would refer it to the justice department. They would make sure on a local level that that young brother was behind bars and would probably have no chance to ever get out again.“

“We want it dealt with by Jim Hammond, we want it dealt with by Neal Pinkston. We want it dealt with right here in the justice system. They can’t continue to do this among our people.“

Cop being probed for prostitution

Meanwhile, the Chattanooga police department says it is investigating of Sgt. Peter Turk who was taken into custody for solicitation of prostitution in a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and department vice operation. Mr. Turk was put on paid vacation while, the department says, an indictment prospect hangs over his head.


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