GOP rips Bredesen on points where he’s closest to free market libertarianism

This Republican flier attacks Democrat Phil Bredesen on all the points that might redeem him, make him almost and nearly a friend of liberty and freedom. 

The Tennessee Republican party has sent a flyer to prospective voters highlighting some libertarian ideas for the opposition. The flyer on behalf of federal senate candidate Marsha Blackburn highlights ideas that former governor Phil Bredesen has that are truly appealing to libertarians, Christians and conservatives.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

No honest person should vote for Phil Bredesen. He would have the abortion holocaust continue that killed 9,732 baby boys and girls among Tennesseans in 2016, disproportionately black. He would centralize medical health payments in the national government. His affinity with a party of death, homosexualism, moral anarchy and social welfare bureaucracy are reasons to reject him on voting day.

Ask yourself if Republicans are really any different than Democrats, given the following lines of attack, as marked on the flier nearby.

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Free movement of people. But the former governor, in the rough rephrasing of the GOP, favors open borders. The classical liberal idea is that borders are merely the demarcation of a legal jurisdiction and are not a barrier to the free movement of harmless, innocent non-criminal civilian people from one place on the Earth to another.

Amnesty for illegal aliens. The classical liberal position and the libertarian position (with some exceptions) is that just because people don’t have documents or government permission to go from point A to point B as travelers and refugees or settlers, that there is no crime, there is no offense. Traveling across imaginary line that is a natural boundary is a paper crime and not a common law crime or a crime against God. It is not a sin to cross into Mexico or the U.S. and evading the police. People here “illegally” are, perhaps, guilty of “mala prohibita” offenses, not “mala in se” crimes. The first is wrong because declared wrong. The second is wrong because it is inherently and morally wrong (a sin). If newcomers to the U.S. are not guilty of any crime, they should be left absolutely alone.

Mott decries harsh cops, exclusion of poor, demands city change

Sanctuary city. This idea is a biblical idea and for ages has been practiced in varying degrees, starting with the law of God in Numbers 35, Joshua 20 and Deuteronomy 19. Already in many ways, cities in the U.S. are sanctuary cities from enforcement of federal laws and many state laws. Cities intervene between the people and the national government in many ways. Title 55 reform proposes making Chattanooga and other cities, one by one, become sanctuary cities from illegal use of police powers against private noncriminal citizens caught by deception in commercial enforcement activities.

Abolish arm of police state. Former Gov. Gov. Bredesen is said by the GOP to have the support of people who favor the abolition of ICE, the immigrant police. This is a classical liberal position — abolition of paramilitary police organizations, one of dozens run by agencies ranging from the IRS to the department of education. A free market defender would applaud the abolition of any federal agency.

David Tulis

Driver license confusion. The GOP flier accuses Mr. Bredesen for giving “driving certificates” to aliens. Both parties perpetuate the lie about private individuals and families allegedly being required to have licenses to travel for private purposes on the people’s right of way. The GOP gibe makes out that, somehow, giving Mexican and Honduran immigrants a driving certificate is a benefit to them, a freebie they should be denied. And all such documents really are is a snare and a trap.

The back of the flier contains a super closeup of the eyes of a MS-13 gang member with the claim that allowing for people to come into the country from poverty and oppression elsewhere is the same as endorsing murderous gangs.

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