Jiles fights for rights after violent Whitfield deputy arrest in front of girls

Roy and Constance Jiles attend a fund-raiser by Concerned Citizens for Justice in Chattanooga, seeking to raise cash for post-conviction relief for life-sentenced prisoner Unjolee Moore. (Photo David Tulis)

The high command in the Whitfield County sheriff’s office, starting with Scott Chitwood, sheriff, left. (Photo department website).

Constance Jiles of Cohutta, Ga., is seeking redress of grievances from a July 15 encounter with a deputy in her house who demands she answer questions about her 911 call for help, throws her to the floor and bruises and physically injures her, helps threaten a roomful of girls with a taser, arrests the mother of six and criminally charges her under a “wilfull obstruction” statute.

Lt. Angie Rebecca Lowery, serving Sheriff Scott Chitwood, is on duty today in a department that avers that “we value respect, honoring the rights and dignity of each person we are called upon to serve” yet sells itself on its website as a military operation, with automatic weapons drawn or being fired (see http://www.wcso.com/). Mrs. Jiles’ abuse is part of a pattern of conduct under review by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, whose agents interviewed her and her children in detail.

The resident of 4106 Dog Legg Drive remains under criminal charge, and has acted heroically in her own defense. She understands herself to be a representative of other people who’ve suffered humiliation from law enforcement, and pursues her defense and reform without relenting.

Sheriff Chitwood on Tuesday returned a reporter’s call and said he would not comment on either investigation, the GBI’s nor his departments criminal complaint against Mrs. Jiles. Below, a letter letter by Mrs. Jiles, lightly edited, directed toward county government. — DJT

By Constance Jiles / Owner Rooter Pros LLC

Aug. 17, when I had a meeting with the DAs office ,was the first time my rights were read to me. The second time was when I was interviewed by the GBI officer Rogers. He also, told me he was sorry for what my family and I have been through just as the POST department training center told me.

What made me move forward on filing a report was I had given each and everyone within the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office a chance to do what’s RIGHT, and no one at all reached out to me, and also when I reached out to them I was shut down, told yet more false information, which goes to show me even more that these officers, captain and the sheriff himself are very untrained and need to step down. Whoever is in charge of the training department for my county needs to also step down and/or be retrained and fined for not training these questionable people of authority whom are all servants and work for me as well as we the people.

It’s even more sad to say that this Lt. Lowery has done this to many other people and has not been reprimanded for her actions as she told my family while I was in the back of the patrol car hurting, crying, very upset in disbelief that all of this was happening to me and my family that I had just been battered by a lieutenant in front of my children — my babies — while inside of my dwelling, my castle, my safe haven in which now I now don’t feel safe at all.

I’ve asked questions to the fact of what does the leadership stand for that’s posted online? I can’t get a honest answer from anyone. To me it’s being dishonest, untruthful and is misleading to each an every one of us who lives in Whitfield County.

I live within walking distance of Varnell police department and see no reason why, when someone that lives this close and has called in distress and scared for their family’s life as well as their own by having two males inside my house who look shaggy, with no name of uniform on their persons — and when I call for help it takes the officer 20-35 minutes to get to me. Varnell or Cohutta could have gotten to us faster; I would have rested assured that what took place with me and my family wouldn’t have happened. But this is how WCSO treats people.

Will not back down

I’m a very strong-willed woman and will not back down from all that took place that was unlawful. The rights of my whole family were  violated on many levels. If any of you would like to sit down with me and talk about this and give me answers to why all this happened, I’d be happy to do that. I was kidnapped from my dwelling and falsely arrested for no other then standing up for my rights, not wanting to talk to a rude, unprofessional lieutenant who thinks she’s above the law when in fact she works for me just as they all do.

I want justice — if there is justice — in a fair timeframe, or there will be no peace at all; and I want it all done in good faith.

I wouldn’t ever wish something like this upon no one at all — ever. On top of being a mother of seven daughters and grandma of three baby boys and owner of a plumbing company, I live, sleep and breath what took place the night of July 15. I stay in pain with burning within my shoulders and numbing going down my left arm. I want justice. It has been almost three months, and in my eyes is long enough for charges to be dropped and the officers to be reprimanded for their actions, as well as the sheriff and the captain.

All I hear is Lowery saying, “I’ve been doing this for 18 years.” To me, that’s scary. How many others have done as she’s done and it’s gone unreported? How many times have these people of authority given out false information to  concerned citizens? How many times have any of these officers done wrong in the law’s eyes and been rewarded for it?

I’m a taxpayer and I will not stand for this any longer, nor will I keep playing games with what happened. No one in their right mind would.

Thank you again for y’all’s time an hope to hear back from someone soon. [End of document]

This case is also reported by Chattanooga’s TV12, including numerous photos of Mrs. Jiles’ arrest bruises and scrapes.

Aggrieved homeowner— calls 911 to her own injury

Here are 2 pages of Constance Jiles’ complaint against Sheriff Scott Chitwood deputy. Yelling, she “grabs my arm and throws me to the ground” and “has her knee in my back and her arm on my head/neck while my face is pushed into the ground.”

Constance Jiles and her family tell their story to the listener of the David Tulis show at 92.7 NoogaRadio in Chattanooga. Fellow complainant Kayla, the eldest of six girls, is at left, Emily Nicole is right. (Photo David Tulis)

Roy and Constance Jiles pose next to a Harley-Davidson motorbike, the loan for which brought two repo men to the family’s house July 15. (Photo Facebook)

Official report by deputy

Here is the July 15, 2018, officer narrative by Lt. Angie Rebecca Lowery, whose full name appears nowhere on the unsworn paperwork.

This page is the first of two by Lt. Lowery, whose accounting highly favors her dignity, courage and service.

Mom hurled to floor; taser threat vs. girls

This brief is by Kayla Jiles, one of six girls in a house besieged first by two intruders (repo men, it turns out) and then by two officers serving Sheriff Scott Chitwood. “Respect goes both ways,” Mrs. Jiles says as the deputy insists, “You’re going to talk to me, lady,” moments before arresting manhandling Mrs. Jiles and leveling a criminal charge against her for obstructing an officer in a lawful act.

This page is the first of two by Kayla Jiles, Roy and Constance Jiles’ eldest daughter. “Come on, lady. Come on, lady.”

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