Vehicle for hire in transportation business brings daughter for Chattanooga visit

Transportation Administrative Notice creates new cause of action vs. cop acting against you under pretense you are involved in transportation

A daughter is coming to Chattanooga for a visit, taking a bus and becoming a passenger of a transportation company. Transportation is the commercial part of travel, which generally speaking is the free movement of people in the rich American economy. Note key elements of for-hire transportation activity, including contract, pickup and arrival times, payment (consideration) and a customer claim for service (ticket). People on the road who are not involved in transportation, thanks to transportation administrative notice, have a cause of action against any police officer for arresting and charging him under Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55 if that officer’s master (his city government) has been given notice about the limits of the transportation law. Title 55 applies to transportation activities when properly applied, and not to private activities and the free movement of the people at liberty under state and federal constitutions. 

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