How select group of vaccine-free kids attend public school

Vaccine injuries are epidemic, and people are looking for ways to get out from the compulsion that often creates captive markets for drug makers.

The story of the Chattanooga Times Free Press misleads the reader into thinking that vaccination is required to be on the public school dole as an enrollee, student and beneficiary.

The headline in the online version is “Back to school vaccines required in Tennessee,” citing the Health Department’s pediatric clinic manager, Lauren Hawkins.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

The story suggests that there is no way out from the global and state vaccination scheme, which pretends that every child in a public school or daycare must receive long list of shots, some of which are linked to bizarre neurological disorders that are becoming increasingly dangerous to a larger part of the population.

Generally required

Vaccination is generally required for people in the government’s system of blessings and controls. Parents must give a whole array of shots to their children at the hand of a state-licensed medical professional to get into state schools. Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-6-5001. General provisions.

“The commissioner of health is authorized *** to designate diseases against which children must be immunized prior to attendance at any school, nursery school, kindergarten, preschool or child care facility of this state,” and it is “the responsibility” of parent or guardian to have a child immunized.

But here now the exception — one that works as long no epidemic has descended upon the land, or threatens to. The rule in

this section shall not apply to any child whose parent or guardian files with school authorities a signed, written statement that the immunization and other preventive measures conflict with the parent’s or guardian’s religious tenets and practices, affirmed under the penalties of perjury.

So, notice, three rules. Your objection has be one that is involves “religious tenets and practices,” must be in writing and must be “affirmed under penalties of perjury.”

Where I get my Christian objections

The objections must be religious in nature. If the content of the objection is personal, moral, philosophical or political, the exemption request will be denied (if it gets anyone’s scrutiny).

The belief must contain religious elements, the worship of a supreme being or deity that creates a moral obligation upon the individual for obedience, the individual’s belief in a relation to a supreme being involving duties superior to those arising from any human relation, but not including essentially political, sociological, or philosophical views or a merely personal moral code. The U.S. supreme court lays out a discussion in detail in a 1965 opinion, United States v. Seeger, 380 U.S. 163, dealing with war objectors whose only access to an exemption under the selective service act was through religious objection.

Your belief about vaccinations need not be part of any official church, mosque, denomination, sect teaching. What is in view are your personal beliefs of a religious nature. You must sincerely hold these beliefs, and they must be distinctly religious, pertaining to worship and moral obligation. These beliefs need not be Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Mormon, Church of Christ, Baptist or part of any developed church, body or group. They simply need to be religious in nature.

Rooting objection in God’s law

If you are a Christian, you won’t find any passage that says, Don’t vaccinate your children. But you will find in one of the commandments a rule in favor of your fears about vaccine damage and a respect for your authority as mom or dad. The sixth commandment says, Thou shalt not kill, which means that you shall not murder or take a life apart from the law. The Westminster Larger Catechism explains this law, giving the duties required and the sins forbidden.

The duties required in the sixth commandment are all careful studies, and lawful endeavors, to preserve the life of ourselves[721] and others[722] by *** avoiding all occasions,[725] temptations,[726]and practices, which tend to the unjust taking away the life of any;[727] by *** a sober use of meat,[732] drink,[733] physic,[734] sleep,[735]labour,[736] and recreations;[737] by charitable thoughts,[738] love,[739] compassion,[740] meekness, *** comforting and succouring the distressed and protecting and defending the innocent.[745]” (emphases added)

The verse supporting the word “physic,” or doctoring, is in Isaiah 38:21, “For Isaiah had said, Let them take a lump of figs, and lay it for a plaster upon the boil, and he shall recover.” Here the prophet resorts to medicine.

Autism is an auto-immune condition caused by vaccines and factory food, with ever-larger portions of the U.S. population falling under its spell.

I will not redact the answer to the next question too sharply:

136. What are the sins forbidden in the sixth commandment?

137. The sins forbidden in the sixth commandment are, all taking away the life of ourselves,[746] or of others,[747] except in case of public justice,[748] lawful war,[749] or necessary defence;[750] the neglecting or withdrawing the lawful and necessary means of preservation of life;[751] sinful anger,[752] hatred,[753] envy,[754] desire of revenge;[755] all excessive passions,[756] distracting cares;[757]immoderate use of meat, drink,[758] labor,[759] and recreations;[760] provoking words,[761] oppression,[762] quarreling,[763] striking, wounding,[764] and whatsoever else tends to the destruction of the life of any.[765] (Confession from Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics)

One could argue that vaccinations are enhancing and preserving life. Perhaps lives have been saved by vaccines.

But in stating your religious arguments, you are not entering a debate. No one who is a state actor is qualified to judge whether you are right. The point in obtaining an exemption is not that you be theologically astute and accurate.

The school official or other state actor has no authority to judge anything about the content of your religious idea, only determine that it is religious. You may be dead wrong in your Christian theology. You may be dead wrong in the God you worship and be an idolator whom God commands to repent from bowing to a false god.

But for the purpose of obtaining an exemption, you need only aver, under penalty of perjury before the one true God to whom you are invited to swear, that these are your sincerely held religious beliefs. And if you cannot swear before God, the corporation State of Tennessee will simply let you “affirm” your belief.

My argument is one of potentially dozens that could be developed upon orthodox or reformed theology from scripture. One could argue that God forbids us to fear men, and that if we wish to obey the first commandment against having other gods, we cannot obey the vaccine statute. One could say that because God forbids murder, and because many vaccines use cells from babies killed for profit, that one cannot seek one’s advantage in a vaccine. One could argue on many grounds that this public policy, like many others, is premised on the cult (worship) of the state, and is thus forbidden if one is to keep one’s conscience clean.

My standard letter

In making an objection and demanding an exemption,  one need not have a developed religious argument as the one I have provided. I’ve used a brief letter, as follows:

[Child name] immunization record

[Child name] of [town name], Tenn., county of Hamilton, is current with his immunizations insofar as his mom and dad determine that he has need of them. He has taken every immunization required of him by lawful authority, and taken every immunization we believe is necessary for his health and welfare.

We his parents have religious objection to one or more immunizations as violative of the 6th commandment in the holy scripture which states, “Thou shalt not kill.” The commandment requires all careful studies and lawful endeavors to preserve the life of ourselves and others by avoiding practices, occasions and temptations that tend toward the unjust taking away the life of any or unjust damage thereto. Hence because at least one immunization of which we are aware tends to damage internal organs and deposit alien and damaging materials into the human body, we abstain from that immunization, and all others we believe are like it.


[signed — your name here] father

Pastor’s letter supports parents religious exemption against vaccines

Immunizations are required to get into public school, Or are they? How to get the “religious exemption” if you want a vaccine-free son or daughter and avoid grave perils from vaccination. (Courtesy 92.7 NoogaRadio)

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