Paying penny a day, people yield rights, avoid the accuser

Coal and nuclear utility TVA runs a police army that enforces traffic laws against private users of the roads, and claims jurisdiction to enforce transportation statutes anywhere in the state at any time. (Photo TVA)

My correspondent Levi is a working man in middle Tennessee. A self-made legal scholar, Levi often sends me trenchant analyses of deep state activity in Tennessee, particularly as it shows itself in the area of the people’s free movement by car. The state refuses to recognize basic rights of property in movement. By movement people exercise many other rights — religion, free assembly, exchanging goods and services, use of firearms, voting. But state government has an idol, which is its own self, and so it categorically rejects the people’s claims to freedom and liberty. But few people make such claims — and that is the focus of Levi’s memo. — DJT

Everybody is for modern Babylon till it turns against them and then it’s all sorrowfully recognizing the evil of what they thought they had when it sinks in; they can’t get it back.

Pull their driver license or any other “privilege” or “benefit” they are psychologically addicted to, wait till the banking nosedives into the ground and they don’t have a bank account. They will kill to get back the worthless paper and circulate it. They can’t function without walls in their minds. The Bible calls it a “veil over the peoples eyes,” until their ox gets gored.

Nearly all the activities of the administrative state require a foundation of injustice and rejection of the truth. And identification, revenue, safety, which is the “compelling state interest” can be done without any reference to commerce and the worlds largest prison system for the administrative state to force fear compliance. It’s a system based on violence at the basis of its existence.

Penny a day permission

The last time I saw a writeup on the department of housing and urban development, 22 cents of every dollar was all that made it to the individual as spent on them or by them. Seventy-eight cents was consumed in administrating the program. Like the F$500 hammers to the defense department, it’s a plunder scheme

The same on the driver license. It doesn’t pay for squat. Twenty-eight dollars for eight years, really? That’s a penny a day or less and you can go to jail for 6 months the first time of not having one and 11/29 on subsequent charges. Who gets 6 months for a penny that supposedly was some unpaid tax, so at least on the day of the stop you did not show you had a tax receipt that proved you paid a penny for that day.

Total criminal extortion in the name of “government.” And if a jury will go along with the scam, a F$1,000 fine. And for a penny a day, a roadside beating, torture and execution if you don’t accept the lie. And it’s those self-glorifying lies of “life on the line everyday” police officer and deputies, “heroes” who do roadside killings and steal cars for some supposed tax debt of a penny a day.

Law talks, neighborhood justice

Teaching law and neighborhood justice would eliminate nearly all of the crime today and we would not be living in a failed society with a failed government.

And the proof is when some major shock and or significant strain on society happens the mentality is kill for what you think you need. It takes only 96 hours when the lights go out and its not known when they will come back on that the riots start and people will kill for  candy bar when they get hungry and don’t know where the next meal will come from.

Preparation is scorned and living the life of a wild goose where everyday is a brand new day, no history and no future, just existence. Except animals have instinct to at least protect their young. Today we as the world’s greatest communist nation as all God-hating nations have done, have committed genocide by murdering one quarter of our population by attacking the least among us and the weakest and most helpless, the babies.

The nation is criminally insane.

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