Pinkston targets private travelers under Title 55, assumes personal liability for abuse

Rudi Soto Rodriguez of Hixson is being prosecuted by state government because he drives his truck to work without a state-issued driver license. A court date is set May 1.

Neal Pinkston, state’s district attorney general

District attorney Neal Pinkston says he will enforce state law against private travelers in Hamilton County and appears to reject a fresh but contradictory view of Tennessee law, one suggesting that the law is much looser than courts claim.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

Mr. Pinkston’s initial reply to my inquiries regarding a root-and-branch review of state law indicates he has not read the 20-page “transportation administrative notice.” He gives a boilerplate response.

“There is no constitutional ‘right to travel,” Mr. Pinkston says through spokeswoman Melydia Clewell. “There IS a constitutional right to freedom of movement between states,” but this freedom is “not the same thing as having a right to operate a motor vehicle.”

“Vehicle registration and drivers license requirements do not infringe upon any U.S. citizens’ individual right to move between the states.”

But appellate courts are at odds with state law and the right of free movement, which undergirds and enables many other rights secured by the constitution. The right of free assembly, the press and religion presuppose free travel within the state. Indeed, Mr. Pinkston and I agree: There is no “right to drive.” Driving is a regulable activity. But private travel by car is another matter entirely.

The transportation law reporting is undertaken as a form of racial reparation to end an evil burden of the white legal establishment upon African Americans and other categories of people. Immigrants, the poor, widows and orphans are routinely abused by cops on the roadways.

By enforcing traffic laws if as if they apply to everyone, the state stripmines the people to prosper its judicial-industrial complex. The state code’s Title 55 applies only to commercial for-profit users, but is used to harass, punish and penalize those with little means of resistance — private folk innocent of any crime, often jailed for months, unable to make bail.

My sanctuary city project notifies cops of the limits of existing law and much jurisprudence, and seeks to halt  law enforcement against people not subject to the force of that law.

Sheriff Jim Hammond’s spokesman Matt Lea vows a response to my query about arrest practices. I also notified Chattanooga city council, disclosing the disparity between statute and court rulings on one hand and Mayor Andy Berke’s CPD arrest practices of blacks on the other.

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