Harmer pitches complaints about prisons to both GOP, Dems

Democrats in Nashville, including, from left, Rep. Joanne Favors of Chattanooga, standing next to Rep. XXX Clemmons. (Photo Nashville Public Radio)

Democrats in Nashville, including, from left, Rep. Joanne Favors of Chattanooga, standing next to Rep. John Ray Clemmons, who has received letters of complaint from Tennessee prison inmate Grenda Harmer. (Photo Nashville Public Radio)

I received your letter with the enclosures. I’ve not had time to read the enclosures because I did want to get a quick letter out to you before I come out for pod time. I’ll be telling you about that in a minute.

By Grenda Ray Harmer 

First, I want to thank you for your instructions how to continue relating what I write to you and others. I am not a writer, but I’ve taught myself how to relate facts. Sometimes I tend to get windy. But I’m working on that. A lot of my letters and legal material was lost intentionally by prison officials trying to show me my place. But I’ll start, where I can, quote letters I wrote to government officials.

Grenda Ray Harmer, serving a state servitude i Morgan County

Grenda Ray Harmer, serving a state servitude in Morgan County

Second, I’m truly thankful for your help getting the truth out. Size doesn’t matter as some claim it does. For example, if you’re pursuing my claims in my March 31, 2017, letter caused a major outlets to pick it up and an investigation was conducted, you’d be at the forefront of the debate. Trust me, these people don’t ignore you. They try to make you think they are in hopes you’d give up and go on to something else.

One of my strategies is to pit Democrats against Republicans is why you see such a diverse list of who I sent my copies to. You’re right. It’s been difficult for me to do what I’m doing of trying to bring attention to what is going on.

When I first met Sharon Rondeau, I felt elated, lucky and blessed that she would take a chance on me. And I try not to let her down. Just like I try not to let you down.

Right after Trousdale officials got their copy of my letter to state Rep. Cooper, the following Monday I was locked up. Mrs. Rondeau must have been giving them hell because the first question I was asked was about my relationship with her. They were hoping I’d say she and I were boyfriend/girlfriend so they could dismiss her articles. When I told them the truth, I uncovered wrongdoing and she wrote about it, that scared them. The next day I was transferred.

Letter to Tennessee State Representative Details Alleged Code, Statutory Violations

My March 31 letter hit too close to home. Hell. They paid me for a job that didn’t exist and for work I never performed. That is fraud no matter how you slice it and dice it. Staff even told me Tennessee Department of Corrections officials looked the other way because Commissioner Parker didn’t want to cancel CoreCivic’s contract. That’s why I’m in the situation I’m in now.

Currently I’m working on Holt’s situation. I sent Warden Phillips a letter letting him know I’ll be writing to Rep. John Ray Clemmons about it as an update. Also I found another inmate in the same situation. This is not an isolated situation. Two basic types of people are incarcerated. There are convicts / prisoners and inmates. Convicts challenge wrongful prison officials conduct and inmates bow down to prison officials in hopes of securing favor. Prison officials hate people like me.

I agree with you. Tying to get the media to publish articles based on what I write is by divine providence. It wasn’t until I met Mrs. Rondeau that what I’ve been exposing started getting traction. You and Mrs. Rondeau are a blessing and I appreciate everything you and she do.

I always try to be as specific as possible, not only to build credibility but to Aid anyone who wanted to investigate my claims. I’m not surprised she might call you after you contacted her because she now has to figure out what to say, why she didn’t take no action. I sent proof! It may be she can’t call back because it’s an election year.

What Mrs. Rondeau believes, and so do I, is even those wanting something done won’t touch CorecCivic. When I wrote Gov. Haslam about giving [the department] an additional $45 million, that wasn’t counted in the budget. I can assure you if someone from the media investigated it, Gov. Haslam would be nervous.

To be honest, it could be Mr. Clemmons is providing a dog and pony show until after the election. I think it’s either this year or next year. It’s close, though.

By the way, in regards to my letter of Sept. 28, to Mr. Clemmons, you wouldn’t believe what happened. On Sept. 29, they told us will get an extra hour out. So now we supposedly get 2 hours and 15 minutes out. It started Oct. 5. These people think that’s going to solve their problem. Not so. I’m not letting it go. These people are stupid. They open their mouth without thinking first. When you get my next round, you’ll see what I mean.

I guarantee you Warden Phillips won’t like it. These people are not trained well, and they are very abusive. When Jane gets back, she’ll copy it for me. You’ll get your copy by the 25th of October.

Cops hate it when a person invokes their rights to an attorney. If a cop tries to talk to someone, all they get to do is ask, am I under arrest? If a cop says no, you walk off. If they stop you, by the Miranda ruling, you are technically under arrest. Then you quickly say, I want an attorney. They can no longer talk to you unless you sign a waiver to talk to the cops. If you do that, well, you’ll get what your hand calls for, getting charge.

I got to go and get ready for a shower. As soon as I read your other enclosures, I will write you again.

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