Free speech RIP as 2 TN protests turn into police extravaganza

Protesters and counterprotesters were separated in two "free speech zones" divided by a four-lane highway and rows of ops. (Photo

Protesters and counterprotesters were separated in two “free speech zones” divided by a four-lane highway and rows of ops. (Photo

Police search people in the public square without probable cause. (Photo

Police search people in the public square without probable cause. (Photo

The security state uses military vehicles to assert its hegemony over public live in a much-reduced American state, Tennessee. (Photo

The security state uses military vehicles to assert its hegemony over public live in a much-reduced American state, Tennessee, as here in a Shelbyville demonstration. (Photo

Cops divide two groups of Americans who are forbidden by distance from having any discourse over politics and national destiny. (Photo Newschannel5)

Cops divide two groups of Americans who are forbidden by distance from having any discourse over politics and national destiny. (Photo Newschannel5)

Two rallies in Tennessee on Saturday ended peacefully, and the security state is taking full credit.

White Lives Matter events in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro were met strongly by counter-protesters who outnumbered the original demonstrators three to one or more.

By David Tulis / Noogaradio 92.7

According to news reports, 160 pro-white nationalists gathered and faced more than 400 “anti-fascist” counter-protesters. In Murfreessboro, 1,000 counter-protesters overwhelmed the 30 pro-South and pro-white demonstrators in an event that was canceled.

Extent of our decline

The real demonstration Saturday in Tennessee was not over conflicts among members of the population over the future of the country. It was, rather, that of the police state and executive government.

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In Murfreesboro, police kept white nationalist and left-wing counter-protesters separated, though people of myriad perspectives were present. Officers at checkpoints searched for weapons and items on a list contraband. Once at the rally sites, men and wome in the two groups were kept on the opposite side of the street; between them were barricades and phalanx of police officers. The police state was everywhere in evidence, with snipers peering through scopes at the men and women. Local police departments and sheriff’s deputies were joined by deputies from neighboring counties and state and federal agencies, who were armed up with clubs and helmets and cameras.

The Tennessee National Guard supported the state and local government gunmen.

Shanna Boyett, the Shelbyville city mayor, praises state actors for meticulous preparations. “The positive outcome of this rally is a product of extensive planning along with the ability to keep the groups separated.”

Tear gas, guns, riot squads: The police state’s answer to free speech is brute force

“The safety measures that were put into place along with the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws ensured that this rally was not one of violence. We are proud of our community and those who help protect it.”

The handling of the protests by the police is typical of how the executive state works. It is a marked contrast to how the magistrate operates under a biblical and local economy paradigm.

A local economy alternative

Basic Christian doctrine holds to a limited authority of the state. The state is reactive to crime rather than pre-emptive. The state’s authority is a judiciary. In its court criminals are tried and private disputes at equity are settled. The court-based system of justice and the total absence of a pre-emptive security state caused dissatisfaction, however. The Israelites demanded a king, a prospect against which the prophet Samuel warned.

The modern executive state that many Christians accept without prayer or consideration operates pre-emptive control over non-criminals, their persons, activities and property. It does not allow for freedom and certainly does not accept protest without taking charge first of each side in the protest — and managing it.

That’s what happened in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville on Saturday. The story is about the state and its security claims, not about the free expression of divergent parties among the population.

If Tennesseans were a free people as mentioned in the constitution, and if Tennessee were in fact blessed with a “free government,” as opposed to a government in Commerce, there would not have been any police presence at the two events nor would there have been any barricades or lines of troopers.

Murfreesboro mayor statement (from the future)

Pretend for a moment that commercial government has been overthrown or disappeared. And pretend that still we have “anti-fascists” and communists on one side and Southern nationalists and pro-white activists on the other. And these two parties announce (on a day in the future) they plan to rally in Murfreesboro.

Here’s a press release from the mayor of that town, calling for peace and calm, and reminding participants that under the common law tradition that has been restored in Tennessee, the state does not manage public demonstrations and protests.

Now in our past we might have managed the protest and the counter-protest. But out of deference to the people of Tennessee and others who are here visiting our wonderful state and city, we will stand quietly in the background during this event, which is the fruit of the freewill and freedoms of all the men and women who plan to attend.

We in authority respect the right of the people to protest, to have shouting matches over ideas and opinions and we will not interrupt that back and forth which each side offers in the name of advancing our great democratic for-the-people American civilization.

We realize people coming to this event have strong feelings about their views. One or two people may be hurt if people don’t control their emotions and restrain their tempers.

We live in the day of to the smartphone and everybody has one. In light of this blessing, our police department has ever more reason to avoid standing between and among the multiple sides of the coming political and social event and managing such events as we did in time past.

Neo-Nazi protest reveals family squabble with major parties

We would like everybody to have their phone video and audio running for their own safety. We have several publicly funded power bars in and around the protest venue at which people should feel free to recharge their recording devices, courtesy of our city council and taxpayers of this city. Let each person regard after his own safety, and make official record of any interaction that might be useful for a jury.

If anybody has a complaint against another person for an act of violence or an injury, I ask he go to the row of police department tables there in the park and file a complaint and submit evidence of a crime. Officers and clerks are standing by to assist. An officer will come without a moment’s and arrest the accused.

If anybody causes a lawless injury to another person, our county district attorney will use our county courts to prosecute the defendant to the full extent of the law. We will track him down, arrest and charge any person who causes violence or injury.

In times past we might have intervened instead between the two sides but because we understand our duty to be reactive rather than proactive we will stand aside until crimes actually occur. Again, if they occur we will vigorously pursue all malefactors.

We welcome all visitors to our beloved city and county and ask everyone to remember that the love of Jesus Christ has saved us personally and saved our city and our country. If we respect other people who may differ from us politically and morally, if we argue with him and discuss things with him, we make vital human personal connections. With more of these, we can have better democratic government and more representative government.

We believe in open and respectful government. We believe in free government and so we encourage residents and visitors to Murfreesboro to respect each other and to consider imposing no harm or injury to another person.

If you fear personal injury, we urge you to stay away and leave the loud argumentation to hardier residents who might reflect your views in this public forum.

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