Police reform’s hidden goad: Chattanooga v. Davis case

State DAs such as Neal Pinkston have accepted continued violation of the state legal system, a violation that involves the overlooking of cities’ enforcement of state law. It’s been going on 16 years, despite a powerful high court ruling inviting DAs to act and overturn the city police concept. With police, city corporations overturn state law and offend constitutional rights. Mr. Pinkston appears to be ignoring a major 2001 Chattanooga-focused supreme court ruling that upholds the state’s authority (as enforced by Mr. Pinkston) and undermines that of the city — particularly the activities involved in policing and police departments. If anything, a bid to “enforce” Chattanooga v. Davis should make police departments unwilling to abuse the citizenry and tromp upon their rights. (Courtesy Noogaradio 92.7)





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