Bullet points on the leftist rally in Chattanooga

Critics of swastikas and National Socialist theories from 1940s Germany await the beginning of a left-wing rally in Chattanooga on Aug. 17, 2017. (Photo David Tulis)

Critics of swastikas and National Socialist theories from 1940s Germany await the beginning of a left-wing rally in Chattanooga on Aug. 17, 2017. (Photo David Tulis)

The leftwing rally in Chattanooga exhibited some of the best and worst of progressivism. The bad: its harsh demeanor against dissent, its fruity sexual mores and its fractured analysis of fascism. The good:  its call for empathy for those who are black, minority or victims of the sexual revolution. These highlights suggest progressivism is of little use in building local economy and free markets, though individuals may make steps to redeem themselves by acts of grace, mercy, forgiveness and overlooking a slight, thereby contributing to the increasing wealth of Chattanooga.

By David Tulis / Noogaradio 1240 AM 92.7 FM

➤ Exaggerated angst among speakers, questionable minority status. Many of cultural and legal grievances (gay rights) are “law.” The queer revolution has gone farther than proponents ever dreamed.

➤ They express fear of political and cultural rivals (embodied chiefly in Christian morality), believe these threats can be defeated by bluster, shows of unity, mass demonstrations and shows of force.Noogaradio logo 92.7 fm

➤ No references to liberty. The free market as the best ground for long-term political and cultural gains? Reject.

➤ No reference to capital, capital creation, any sort of personal virtue connected to wealth creation. These virtues are rooted in the gospel. If they borrow more from Christianity, they might be more winsome and attractive to the larger world in Chattanooga.

➤ Little sales pitch, much licking wounds, arguing over being victim.

➤ Mayor Berke and cops, confident of the people, take no visible steps to oppress them with riot garb. But peaceful Chattanoogans give no test of this resolve. Chief David Roddy’s PIO, Rob Simmons, a practicing Christian, prayed all way to event.

➤ Black Lives Matter rose from police militarization, the continuing cop  execution of blacks. Since Ferguson riots, this cause seems to have been diluted, the group has become just another gripe lobby.

Favors open to decentralized solution to 5 broken schools

➤ 1 city council person reported seen. I didn’t see any.

➤ Advocacy, social organizing, community organizing and protest are main rally argument. Unreality as envy, class warfare, grievance favored (disfavored: community of interests, shared interest, amity, building, collaboration, sharing, marketplace, exchange, Christian reconstruction)

➤ Horizontal society (Christian, marketplace) vs. vertical society (big government, big biz, social programs, surveillance deficit spending)

➤ The use of the word fascism as an epithet. Little nuance in term’s use to describing existing system, which is fascistic, according to free-market and biblical analysis.

➤ HUD, Fed, EPA,Social Security, NSA, FBI. Fasicism epithet sees these not for what they are, but white capital structure. HALF RIGHT.

➤ Libertarians decried for for proposing decentralization, national breakup and independence. But breakup would allow for diversity to flourish without oppression. Smaller states would let people easily relocate to friendlier places.

➤ Rally expresses cry for compassion, especially for those who are outcasts, queer, weird, or bearing unusual personal and sexual or psychological struggles. Christian empathy required for hurt souls.

➤ Radical demands make bizarre psychological conditions and mental problems (“transgenderism”) a norm, not merely to be accepted, but to be elevated as a standard and norm. Compelling acceptance of deviancy promises long-term backlash. Gay theory began fading in 2015, just as the Obergefell ruling was pending and the gay movement approached its public peak.

➤ Leftist coalition misunderstands human motivation, human capital, the affinity of interests that flourish only in a free market. It demands tyrannical controls, the tyranny of commercial government (policing), and soul-pinching social controls that exalt queers and humiliate Christians. Harsh and graceless.

➤ I am a Christian and a classical liberal, but people sometimes think Noogaradio 1240 AM 92.7 FM is “right wing.” I didn’t hear a single catcall or harsh word against me or my radio platform the entire evening among the vast progressive throng. Grace.

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