If police abolished, sheriffs will keep peace, enforce laws

Municipal police should be abolished nationwide and all capable officers absorbed into sheriff’s departments. Local governments tend to not be capable of much good, including running “police” departments.

The founders never envisioned a standing army. We have that standing army in the form of domestic police departments. Lawfully,  city governments do not have the authority to prosecute criminal cases. That power resides with the state.

By Sabatino Cupelli / Noogaradio 1240 AM 101.1 FM

Representative government dictates that “we the people” must elect those individuals responsible to enforce the law. Police departments should not be included in this basic principle. We elect our sheriff to perform this task. If they don’t do the job, or if they act in a non-professional way, we fire them by refusing to re-elect.

The sheriff existed prior to our constitution. The sheriff arises from common law, and in England he was known as the sharif.

Sheriff Jim Hammond is the highest law enforcement officer in the county, with even more power than federal bureaucrats, including the IRS when they enter the county. He is your direct representative in the protection of your inalienable God-given rights.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-police. But today’s police are trained to be urban combat troops.

Cop with no gun

My dad, Sabatino William Cupelli, was a police officer for 35 years in the Philly area, serving during the riots of the ’60s and yet never complained about the scummy left. I asked him after he retired, “Dad, why would you want to deal with the idiot ungrateful public? Why did you want to be a cop, what were you thinking?” He said, “I wanted to be a police officer because I hated cops.”

I said— “WHAT?”

He went on to explain, as a young boy growing up in Philly, the police from the 5th district would routinely abuse, beat and harass him and his friends. He wanted to change that culture, and treat people with respect and kindness, assisting those in need.

In later years I found out that my dad during the height of the riots, would work unarmed in the most crime-ridden areas on foot patrol. He later told me that his job was to be a peacemaker, not John Wayne.

It was also revealed to me by his fellow officers years after his death that he refused direct orders to manufacture “probable cause” to pull over blacks, believing it was a violation of their rights. He also refused to engage in (non-felony) high speed chases for fear of hurting an innocent person. He argued that a radio transmission was faster then any vehicle.

My dad died 23 years ago. If he were alive to see the behavior in most modern “policing” or as it‘s now called, “law enforcement,” I believe he would think his efforts were for naught.

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