City’s best ad, ‘Angry Man,’ touts Shooter’s Supply

A customer looks at a rifle at Shooter's Supply in north Chattanooga. (Photo YouTube)

A customer looks at a rifle at Shooter’s Supply in north Chattanooga. (Photo YouTube)

One of my tasks as observer and booster of local economy and free markets is encouraging people to shop local.

Inherent in the idea of local economy is self-government under God and constitutional government, which further implies the armed citizen.

By David Tulis / AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio

To help the armed citizen is Shooter’s Supply & indoor range in Hixson, near Northgate mall in Chattanooga. It has a new owner, Larry Hopper, who runs the store with his wife, Cindy, and daughter, Stephanie. A gunsmith and his son also work at the shop.

If you’re like me and love local economy and the idea of buying local, let me suggest you do two things today.

No. 1. Listen to a great radio ad for a local business. 60 seconds.

No. 2. Visit Mr. Hopper at Shooters Supply in Hixson and buy a handgun or a long gun.

It’s high time that you supply yourself with a worthy weapon. Why not today?

Success as small player

I make this pitch partly because I have a business interest in the success of Mr. Harper’s store.

My work at and at AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio is to promote local economy vs. national economy.

I would like Mr. Harper to see a lot of business so that I can continue to run my “angry man” spot and other pitches to bring yet more people into Shooter’s Supply & Indoor Range.

Please help me.

Listen to “angry man,” pass on copies or links to friends, and let Mr. Hopper serve you.

National competition against Shooter’s Supply is extraordinary. Cabela’s has circulated fliers twice in the past week in the Chattanooga Times Free Press. It pitches guns at steep discount.

I know that as a consumer and shopper, you don’t find these details of marketplace especially interesting. We are supposed to think only of ourselves and benefits to us as consumers.

‘Local economy’ as practical ideal

But we are more than that. Blazing pitches from Wal-Mart or Bass Pro here in Chattanooga can’t make disappear underlying principles to which “local economy man” is committed.

These underlying principles are favoring the small over the big, the near over the far, the personal vs. the corporate, the physical over the abstract.

If we love local economy, we try to operate more toward cash, less toward credit. More toward personal dealings than entering numbers into a computer and slithering our fingers across a keyboard. More toward individual commitments to neighborhood and relationships than toward burping down the latest bargain. More toward the other than toward the self.

“Love your neighbor — love local.” That is our slogan.

“Angry man” is the argument for local in a nutshell. Click the link, listen to my pitch. Send it to a friend.

Larry and his staff would love to help you at Shooter’s Supply & Indoor Range.
Here is the TV commercial for Shooter’s Supply of Chattanooga, a local family-run shop. 30 seconds.

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