If you abolish police, you save lives, restore order under tried, true authority

Chattanooga police chief Fred Fletcher is an enforcer of state statute, but is unelected, his standing army not responsive to the call to protect constitutional liberty. (Photo Wrcbtv.com, police department Twitter).

Chattanooga police chief Fred Fletcher is an unelected enforcer of state statute, his standing army not responsive to the interests of constitutional liberty. (Photo police department Twitter, Wrcbtv.com).

There’s a good reason why the founding fathers wanted sheriffs to protect the innocent and keep public order.

The sheriff has to be elected by the people who replace him if he doesn’t respect individual rights while enforcing the law.

By Sabatino Cupelli / 1240 Hot News Talk Radio

Police are a different matter. Courts have ruled that police have no obligation to protect you or your God-given rights, which the Bill of Rights requires government actors to recognize. The bill of rights lists 10 of at least 165 rights, though I suspect that the number of actual rights is incalculable.

Police exist by decree (statute) to protect the interests of the state and its political subdivisions. These entities include townships, city governments, the state itself and such “legal fictions.”

Just think of city police as a larger version of the mall cop, whom the mall has authorized to police stores and enforce company policy in the mall’s jurisdiction.

My proposal does not take away from the great individual police officers  and a thankless job in attempting to protect society from ruthless criminal thugs. They are not the problem.

Their bosses and the administrative system are the problem.

The sheriff’s department — or as it was known in England, the “shire reeve’ — arises from the common law. It is 100 percent beholden to the people and subservient to them.

The sheriff is the highest law-enforcement officer in a county, even over the federal government.

A republican form of government is guaranteed in the federal constitution. A republican form of government demands election of individuals granted limited powers to apply rules, regulations and statutes by individuals elected directly by the people to ensure their safety, peace and prosperity.

One cannot un-elect the administrative body of the local police department. Police have become, in essence, a standing army created by the state, primarily used today to regulate vast swaths of the people’s lives absorbed by commercial government.

Each local police departments nationwide should be replaced by the county sheriff, with its officers being hired as deputies.

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