20 reasons Democrats more dangerous than Muslim terrorists

The Democrat party unstintingly supports the slaughter of the unborn, even Caucasian boys and girls.

DNC — dilation & curettage. The Democrat National Committee and its party unstintingly support the slaughter of the unborn, but not only Caucasian boys and girls such as these. Equal treatment for black babies.

They are more dangerous to America then “radical Islamic extremist terrorists” and they are meeting in Philly this week.

Democrats, the party or unborn baby murderers (abortion is included in party platform) are gathering to anoint the most corrupt morally void individual in the history or American presidential politics.

By Sabatino Cupelli

Hillary Clinton not only stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, but it has been reveled that head of the DNC is just as corrupt as Hillary in helping to rig the vote. Hey, Air Force, maybe not a bad time to test out a domestic drone.

Damage total, damage collateral — who cares? It’s Philadelphia. It’s a joke that this anti-constitution party is meeting in the city were our republic was born. These filthy pig Democrats created, promoted and have stood for every evil that plagues our nation.

Top 20 reasons to never vote for a Democrat

1. Promoting and funding the unrelenting murdering of unborn children. Supports and defends, especially Hillary, late term murdering of unborn babies. One million a year slaughtered.

2. Unwavering attempt to strip you of your God-given constitutionally recognized right to bear arms.

3. Promoting a federal government that far surpassed its limited grant of powers under Article 1, Section 8 of the constitution.

4. Appointing seditious judges to the federal courts including the Supreme Court to subvert our constitution and the rule of law.

5. Controlling through their manipulative legislation almost 100 percent of the information disseminated through the national mainstream media.

6. Secretly funds Hollywood screenwriters to manipulate scripts in favor of socialist liberal ideology.

7. Through U.S. private Federal Reserve central bank, promotes the creation of fraudulent non-redeemable currency, legal tender laws and acts. All of which are blatantly unconstitutional.

8. Through regulation and legislation promotes unfair trade practices that continue to erode the infrastructure of our republic.

9. Continue to federalize our local and state police in an attempt to diminish your local authority and seeding it to the central power in D.C.

10. Promote junk science such as “climate change,” “global warming” and “global cooling” in yet another attempt to impose a direct tax on you and American business.

11. Hate traditional American values and the spirit of the vision of America’s Founding Fathers.

12. Commit treason in their actions to continue to promote occupying foreign countries and giving aid and comfort to America’s sworn enemies.

13. Go to war without a declaration as required by the federal constitution.

14. Their president kills American citizens with drone strikes with no due process of law or any lawful court proceeding.

15. Does not support or promote boarder security in violation of U.S. laws.

16. Devised a destruction system of government dependency to ensure their dependents continue to embrace the criminal activity.

17. Have created, promoted and supported many thousands of bureaucracies such as the IRS to be immune from the rule of law. In so doing, a reign of tyranny has consumed the daily lives of the people of the United States.

18. Promotes corporate communism, in cunningly conning one into waiving their rights. From compelling vaccines to mandatory attendance in government factory Democrat unionized schools and forced “health care” their tyranny knows no end.

19. A history of enacting and promoting legislation creating federal agencies to destroy private property rights in favor of unconstitutional U.N. policies such as “Agenda 21.”

20. Are the most selfish, arrogant, self-serving, elitist, narcissistic, rude, prevaricating worthless vile creatures to inhabit the planet.

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