Cops handcuff, arrest 10 schoolkids, legitimize authority with violence

Screengrab from video shot among roughhousing elementary school children.

Karl Durr, police chief of Murfreesboro, Tenn.

The handcuffing and arrest of 10 elementary school children in Murfreesboro, Tenn., during school on April 15 is a picture of the religious presuppositions of the modern state.

Their abuse during a matter of bullying outside Hobgood Elementary school suggests how police act as enforcers not just of state laws, but the state itself as a religious and ideological concept.

By David Tulis

The children age 11 and under are charged with “criminal responsibility for conduct another” for witnessing a fight and not intervening.

They were filmed taunting and hitting a boy in an argument over a ball.

“I am so saddened, and I’m so sorry this incident happened, because I truly think it could have been avoided,” Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr told the Tennessean newspaper.

Parents in the town 30 miles southeast of Nashville held a public meeting to express anger of the event. One hundred and fifty people attended took part to complain about police.

Screengrab from a video showing roughhousing elementary school children.

Screengrab from a video showing roughhousing elementary school children.

“There’s a great concern for the children that were involved,” said Staci Higdon, mother of a second grader at Hobgood. “What kind of scarring effects this might have on the children. What later implications it may have on the children putting them through the criminal justice system.”

A prescient commentator on modern policing is Bojidar Marinov, a Bulgarian immigrant who lives in Texas and who writes at Axe the Root.

He puts a sharp edge on the significance of modern policing as a function of the total corporate state, which makes itself the enemy of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the doctrines of grace — and the consequences of Christianization: Local economy and free markets.

Abuse of innocent woman

Mr. Marinov recounts a police killing in November 2014 of a Cleveland, Ohio, woman, Tanisha Anderson, 37, whose skull was lethally cracked when cops threw her upon sidewalk concrete outside her residence after she refused to go along with them for a mental evaluation. Family member had unwisely called police to help calm Miss Anderson during a bi-polar incident and an argument, giving as rationale for their force a “disturbance of the peace.”

As recounted by on the basis of press reports. Police escorted Miss Anderson to their car, but she began “actively resisting the officers,” Sgt. Ali Pillow told the The Plain Dealer.

Tanisha Anderson, slain by cops

Tanisha Anderson, slain by cops

When the woman changed her mind about the evaluation after police cuffed her, she insisted she within her rights to decide on a voluntary evaluation. But police said they were in control.

“The woman began to kick at officers,” Mr. Pillow said. “A short time later the woman stopped struggling and appeared to go limp. Officers found a faint pulse on the victim and immediately called EMS.” Often police narratives omit their own actions and use the passive voice. Police used a judo takedown move on the woman in the back seat of the car, and when she tried to get out they knocked her over and she hit her head on concrete, recounts a witness. Her brother Joel Anderson said after she lay on the ground a cop pressed a knee into her back, made no effort to help her, kept her bottom parts exposed by throwing her sundress over her head.

“Never forget,” Mr. Marinov says, “cases like [the Anderson killing] are not outliers; they are what the job of the police is. It was a religious function in the first place, to establish the cult to the state. Those who defends the cops and yet speak of liberty and justice, are schizophrenic idiots.”

Projection of raw power

He continues: “It is for this reason that we see, in modern America, the growth of the police state. Since civil government in America has long lost whatever legitimacy it had under God, it has become a pagan state. Projection of raw power, then, becomes crucial to the maintenance and the legitimization of the authority of civil government. And not only just the projection of raw power, but the exercise of raw power in terrorizing the population is crucial: to destroy the rule of law, which is a testimony for the Gospel, a pagan government must replace it with rule of man, and that rule of man must be exercised against the Law, so that the mighty men may legitimize their authority.

“The claims that police needs all this excessive firepower to do their job are proven false by the fact that police is one of the safest jobs around; more police officers die of reckless driving than of assaults. The projection of power is needed because for a pagan state, it is the only means to legitimize authority.

“It is for this reason the empires in the Bible are described as ravenous beasts who trample, crush, destroy, tear apart, devour their victims. It is not just uncontrollable, occasional impulse of some pagan states; violence and state terrorism against its own population becomes a religious necessity for the pagan state. So whenever you see cops in full military gear facing unarmed protesters, it is not self-protection; it is a religious statement. It is the modern Nimrod using his might to legitimize his right. Police must be abolished. It is the largest and most brutal crime syndicate in America.”

Sources: Christine Hauser, “Children’s Arrests in Bullying Case Distress Tennessee City,” New York Times, April 25, 2016.

Reuters, “Police chief in Tennessee sorry over children’s arrests: newspaper,” April 25, 2016.

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