Immunity laws let ‘the good people’ exist above rest of us

A bill in the general assembly proposes giving Tennessee National Guard members immunity if they are accused in a tort action. The bill breezed through the Senate. Why immunity? “Complete and absolute immunity is required for the free exercise and discharge of the duties” of members or staff of such agencies. “Members *** must be permitted to operate without concern for the possibility of litigation arising from the faithful discharge of their duties.” The Tennessee Code Annotated is honeycombed with immunity provisions. The “state’s sovereign immunity” protects departments, agencies, revenue streams and individuals. The cash flow for universities, for example, is shielded from any judgment, decree or attachment or other legal process. Members of boards or agencies are immune from lawsuits “arising from the conduct of such board, commission agency ***.” But “such immunity from suit shall be removed when such conduct amounts to willful, wanton or gross negligence.” The above contains this analysis, a review of the connection of capital and the “market day of the soul,” as the Puritans called it (Sunday), and tales about aborted babies left to die. A real call to action, a real call to saying no to the system. (Courtesy Hot News Talk Radio).

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