Hot News Talk Radio extends reach, touts free markets, local economy

Sab “Confederate Mike” Cupelli installs an exciter board on a radio transmitter as talk show star Russell Stroud helps out. (Photo David Tulis)

Radio veteran Sab Cupelli installs an exciter board on a transmitter as talk show star Russell Stroud awaits orders. Both work at Hot News Talk Radio 1240 AM in Soddy-Daisy. (Photo David Tulis)

By David Tulis

If you are somebody’s who’s prayed for my work in Christian journalism in Chattanooga, many thanks. God is proving gracious to me as I expand ever so slightly my area of service.

On Wednesday I switched on a new transmitter at my radio station, Hot News Talk Radio 1240 AM, which boosts our reach considerably across Chattanooga and Hamilton County.

We continue to try to make arrangements for FM by obtaining use of what’s called a translator. The technology allows an AM station, in the older band, to air on FM, generally more popular with listeners. My partner at the station, Sab Cupelli, is a talk radio veteran with more than 40 years in the business. He invited me in June to be his partner as we shifted finally to a costly and labor-intensive all-talk format. We air Sean Hannity, Colin Cowherd, CBS and Fox radio news, Nascar, American Outsoorsman, Set the Hook and other shows.

Our news director is “the kid” Russell Stroud, a talented 19 year old who has never set foot in a school and who is a member at Brainerd Hills Presbyterian church, where I am a deacon. On one show he analyzes the tech sector from an “anarcho-capitalist” free market perspective. On another he explains smartphone apps.

If Hannity, say, is in the No. 2 spot, my show is No. 3. airs 9 to 11 a.m. weekdays. If might be considered a media platform, I propose it to be No. 7 in the River City (behind the Times Free Press,, and three TV stations). For your purposes, however, it is perhaps higher up, as on this website and talk show I analyze the day’s headlines from a free market and biblical perspective.

Hot News Talk Radio is on the edge technologically. Mr. Cupelli can run the station from his smart phone. We have extensive automation and deliver not just through pulses in the airwaves, but online and by smart devices. Bookmark the station and hear online at

Join me in prosperity is a work in independent journalism and is a no-holds-barred defense of Christendom and all its blessings. I provide an extended and smartly argued defense of marriage and constitutional government, these two being the cradle and protector of godly capitalism and the free market. Do you think this work in the direction of reformation and Christian rebuilding is exciting?

Let me suggest ways you can help me — and maybe even earn a buck yourself.

Advertise your business, favorite charity or church. My rates are low to stimulate local economy and the free market. If you deal with me, you deal with an owner, not a flunky from some remotely based corporation. I will make sure your commercial engagement with my listener is profitable to you.

Invest in me and my work. If local economy is to succeed, it will be through people like you who invest not in Wall Street and Fidelity mutual funds, but in local entrepreneurs. All investment is ultimately in individuals. Invest in strangers whose companies have big names. Or invest in somebody small, local, profit-seeking and service-minded. Michael Shuman in his book Local Dollars, Local Sense says local investments have a much better prospect of a handsome payoff. If you invest in me, you are investing in your town, your community, your neighbors, local businesses — all of whom theoretically prosper as I go about my work as journalist. My rate of return is easily 12 times that you’re earning at your bank. It could be much greater than that if you give me at least two years in which to ride shotgun on your dollars. Ask for a prospectus through the contact window above.

Pray that a gracious and sovereign God will find us fit for service to the Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Mr. Cupelli and I were each an answer to prayer. We found each other at a time we were at wit’s end about our callings and careers. He was about to shut WSDT 1240 in despair until he met me. I was going broke as a writer with on the Internet. It is impossible to make even a dollar defending Christianity, localism and the free market on the Internet, a most baffling miracle where truth uttered by a small player cannot readily be monetized. My goal is to help Mr. Cupelli succeed, and his goal is that I make a living as writer and public speaker. With this sort of mutuality, a partnership is natural. We pray for new listeners, advertisers and investors, in that order — people we can encourage and enrich and who give us our livings. Please remember us before the throne of grace.

Sell advertising for me. I have great need of a salesman for Hot News Talk Radio. The arrangement is commission only, but a salesman earns 25 percent of the advertiser’s check. That rate is unbeatable in almost any industry. One always sells in person and never by phone or email, so you’d need a car and work part time. A radio station can greatly enrich its owners, with God’s blessing, and those who ally themselves with its purposes and message.

David Tulis is joined by, front row from left, Josiah, Abigail, Jacob and, back row, Jeannette and David.

David Tulis is joined by, front row from left, Josiah (a future Marine), Abigail (a sculptor), Jacob and, back row, Jeannette and David (computer security student at UTC). A family worth investing in?

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