City’s gay benefits plan presupposes favor of unlimited state

General Sherman’s march to the sea devasted the South. Yankee-oriented Americans want today to devastate the South's legal conception of marriage.

General Sherman’s march to the sea devastated the South’s mills, factories and warehouses. Yankee-oriented Americans want today to wreck the South’s legal conception of marriage.

[On April 2 city councilman Larry Grohn posted remarks about the city’s becoming as August nears “a national bull’s-eye” in the defense of marriage. “I just received a call to answer a survey from the ‘Tennessee Opinion Survey’ who espouses their call center location to be in New Jersey. Based upon the inaccuracy and bias in the wording of some of the questions, I could venture a guess as to what person or group might be paying for the survey. Hm, I wonder? This is only the beginning [of the pending conflict], folks! Remember, those who exercise their constitutional right to disagree with the LGBT agenda and stand up for their values are automatically labeled as ‘bigots‘and ‘haters.’ What about an Independent Faith-Based Coalition for Chattanooga?” Indeed. I am looking for a plaintiff residing in Chattanooga who will sue to block the ordinance over its having been enacted beyond the scope of the city’s legal authority under its charter, the Tennessee code and the state constitution. Please contact me if interested in this project. — DJT]

By David Tulis

The gay theory of reality espoused by city council’s dubious domestic partnership benefits plan invites authoritarianism. Because it presumes the illegitimacy of marriage and the legitimacy of gay unions, it posits the desirability of a state of affairs in which the civil magistrate exerts himself more expansively for the benefit of society.

Gay theory, in other words, is friendly to the dream of the total state. It invites it.

Seem like a wild prediction?

Well, it’s not. The allure of the progressive state, even the messianic state, parallels the same-sex theory.

Benefits of family to society

Family brings benefits to society. A man’s family brings him untold benefits, generally speaking. A boy deprived of life with his biological parents in family is a boy destined for personal and moral dissolution, studies suggest. If family is not the basis for reproduction and for the rearing of children, the family is flaming downward in a death spiral, trailing smoke and set to disintegrate in wreck.

A society that does not recognize marriage falls apart. Society in Chattanooga, Hamilton County and the state of Tennessee needs family for any of their parts to work. Without family fully recognized, our city cannot enjoy the benefits of limited government. Without family fully recognized and unstintingly supported, it trends toward the necessity and inevitability of a total state.

Statism vs. moral self-government

Limited government is the fruit of self-government. A civil power constrained by law and daring not to encroach on the sphere of family and church is one whose limitations are a blessing upon national economy, industry, innovation, capitalization, investment, risk-taking and the marketplace.

Such a government is all the more likely among a people who govern themselves, who live according to moral absolutes and extend virtues such as love, charity, self-denial, mercy, honest money, service to others. These are pre-eminent virtues in Christianity.

Self government is a fruit of Christianity and its substantive doctrine. Christianity declares that the world’s primary form of government is that of ones’ self. Government is internal first, external last. In the 10 commandments, government begins by each soul fearing God and desiring to please Him in terms of his revealed will and character, as summarized in the law delivered by Moses and lived out perfectly by the Lord Jesus.

Self-government is the basis of capital, family life and social order.

So how does the homosexual lobby, the long upward spiral the past 20 years toward gay supremacy in law, trend toward a totalitarian ethic?

For lugbutts, the state as savior

Family in the United States and much of the West has undergone decades of abuse. Social security disintegrates ties between new and old generations. Public school makes parents irrelevant in the ideas and worldview of their children. Taxation separates estate from children, and profit from its earners. Media ridicules fathers and mothers and esteems the self-seeking single with a train of lovers. No-fault divorce allows for judicial breakup of marital unions without legal cause. Abortion brings moms to shed the blood of their offspring and saw limbs from the family tree.

Redefining marriage to include homosexual unions will further debase marriage and family, and bring a train of evil results that will last until the end of American nation-state and beyond.

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