Who’s endorsing whom; libertarian Free Press backs Satterfield, Grohn

Andy Berke

Guy Satterfield

The  city election is Tuesday, March 5, with early voting until tomorrow (Feb. 28).

To look at the ballot, click here:

Some candidates on the ballot did not get any Times/Free Press coverage, or hardly any.

Chattanooga Times Free Press city endorsements

The Times is liberal/statist, the Free Press is conservative/libertarian.

District 1: Times — Tom McCullough; Free Press — Chip Henderson

District 2: Times — Jerry Mitchell; Free Press — Priscilla Simmons

District 3:  Times — Pam Ladd; Free Press — Ken Smith

District 4: Times — Jack Benson; Free Press — Larry Grohn

District 5: Times — Russell Gilbert Sr. (unopposed); District 6: Carol Berz (unopposed)

District 7: Times — Chris Anderson; Free Press — Anderson

District 8: Times — Moses Freeman; Free Press — Andrae McGary

District 9: Times — Peter Murphy; Free Press — Murphy

City mayor

Times — Andy Berke; Free Press — Guy Satterfield

The Free Press endorsed, and explained, the city charter changes.  Most sound OK to me.

I’m inclined to go with the Free Press choices.  Moses Freeman came to my door, in person, asked for my consideration and vote, said his piece (better policing I agree with) and let me say what I chose to say.  He said he’d heard of the Institute for Justice, which helped strike down Tennessee’s coffin monopoly law. (Oddly, he shook my hand but not my wife’s.)

Peter Murphy is probably worth his pay as a paid lawyer, but as a free lawyer he’s worth what you pay him there too, from what my wife said of her experience with him.

Consider these review

Free Press endorsement list in paper 25 Feb. is here.
Times endorsement list. 

Above, I combined these two lists for comparison.
Times mayoral endorsement of Berke
Free Press endorsement of Satterfield

Candidate websites

Candidate Satterfield’s website

Candidate Berke’s website . There’s a question feature.  I asked him, You’re vague; What are you hiding?

Mayoral candidate Chester Heathington seems not to have a website, but search his name and you’ll find some info.

For details of other Times endorsements, click on this link (Times editorials) and scroll down to those that interest you.  City council endorsements ended on Feb. 17.

For details of Free Press endorsements, click here and scroll down, Feb. 17 and earlier.

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