Say ‘no way‘ to shot, give employer this form

Parkridge East hospital fires Taylor Brown, who had an exemption from her doctor against the “need” to chin-diaper up and cover her sweet face. Tulis Report. Related posts:CV-19 mandamus seeks to compel Lee, Barnes, Fleenor to obey black-letter lawGov. Lee emergency government rises, rule of law falls I demand circuit court halt stop CV-19 tyranny in TNRepublicans fail to defend people against lawless governors across U.S.Suit demands Fleenor pick up scalpel, lop CV-19 tumorsFrontline docs warn blacks of experimental vaccines, eugenics perilRemedy in CV-19 threat, false arrest: Habeas corpusHere’s what masks tell mayors: ‘Your mandates are lawful, you are honoring … Continue reading Say ‘no way‘ to shot, give employer this form